Sunday, November 30, 2008


So as our wonderful 4 days of vacation (for Thanksgiving) are coming to a close, a recap on the AWESOME time we had.

So Thursday morning, I was at mom's house, helping her cook and prep for a busy Turkey day with her friends.... soon after however, like any good airline wife, I flew into Oakland to meet Brian, just as he was coming off his flight, I was coming off mine and it was great. Without missing a beat , we met and walked out of the airport together. We've got this thing down cold at this point.

Thanksgiving was spent at my sister-in-law Bridget's house; a wonderful fete, complete with 3 kids and good food and CRAZINESS. A great time was had by all.

Friday afternoon, Brian and I headed home for a long weekend of relaxing and really vegged out quite a bit. Saturday - as a birthday present to mom, we put up her Christmas tree and helped her decorate the house for the holidays. A feat in itself and all went smoothly until about 5 minutes ago when I heard that their tree is starting to fall over... oops, maybe we didn't screw it in tight enough into the base...

We also tried to get Buddy to pose for some pics in his Santa hat... ummm... didn't work out so great.

We thought that we would have big plans with our friends this weekend, but managed to lay relatively low and just spend some quality time together, which was nice. Sunday, as Brian promised me, we went out and got our own tree (which so far has not fallen down) and now have our very first Christmas Tree as a married couple... YAY!!!

Tis the Season!


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