Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Holidays

So the holidays are here. I mean honestly????

So the past week has been an interesting one. First and foremost, everyone at work is losing their F******* minds. It's been a TAD stressful as we head towards the holiday. Thank goodness I'm at work for one day on Monday and then CHRISTMAS VACATION!!! I feel like I'm back in school again and just need to finish that one damn final and then BEACH WEEK!!!

Ugh, although hopefully my holiday is not like my freshman year beach week, where I drank my face off for 7 days and then came home and got shingles. *shudder* Think this holiday might be a tad more relaxed... I don't envision any beer bongs with my 88 year old poppy... although, he's a good irish man so who knows :-)

Moving on.... In addition to my stress, Brian has been working like a maniac (as usual). After a week with the Navy in Lemoore, he had two back to back 2-day trips. Which had him flying 20 legs in four days.

(Now for those of you who are like... wtf, that's only 5 legs a day... that's alot... getting up at 4:30am every day and then having to sit on the ground in between flights, and pre-flight and post-flight and then spend the night in a hotel... 5 legs is a BITCH)

But the best part of those 2 days is that each of them had a night in San Diego... so hubby got to come home at night and work during the day!! But, of course there were a few kinks in system. We hadn't ever done an AM from our house, so of course, the first morning, there isn't any hot water at 4:30am... which elicited some VERY bad words from husband and I was like... omg, just go back to sleep. I think he started his trip in a VERY bad mood. Then on his second overnight in San Diego, he was messing with the hot water heater and we were like, this is gonna be fine... we're prepared, etcetcetc...

Except there was no f********* hot water for me when it was my turn to go to work. Ugh, we can't win.

So we survived that week and just spent a wonderful weekend together. We did our gift exchange with parents, had dinner with them last night and then...

I dragged Brian (only slightly kicking and screaming) to the Nutcracker, (also lovingly referred to by my husband as "the Ball Buster", *sigh*) and it was great! My pilates instructor, Jennifer Curry, was the Sugarplum Fairy and honestly, I was crying when she danced... it was too flipping awesome. Even Brian was like, holy Sh**, she's amazing!!!! :-) Love it.
This is Jenny :-)

So today is just a lazy day. Watching the Chargers play (and hopefully win) and then off to dinner with our buddies, Greg and Stacy.

Here's to a wonderful holiday to all and a happy new year!!! Hopefully your year has been as wonderful as ours, and your next one will be even better!!!

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Bryan Guido Hassin said...

Oooh, now I want to do pilates! :-)

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