Sunday, January 4, 2009

And they are over

Happy New Year, from the Fittings ( Ashley and her apparently EVIL Husband Brian)

Two weeks of vacation. And they ended. Damn.

It was a good ride though.

I feel bad that I am so delinquent with the blogging, because it means you are all subjected to a LONG account of my activities for that time. :-) Deal with it.

So Christmas was spent separate from my hubby, but in upstate New York with my grandparents, cousin, aunt and uncle. It was awesome to see everyone as it's been a LONG time and they weren't able to make it to the wedding. We froze our butts off, ate yummy food and looked at the cows. Yes, that's right, cows. My grandparents live on a farm with about 40 head of cattle so we got to check out of the new babies in the back of a gator... a gator is like a cross between a tractor and an ATV. We are total rednecks. I have pics of mom and I in the back of the gator, but will have to download them later :-)

So the miraculous thing about the trip to NY was that I was able to non-rev back there the day before Christmas... unreal. (To non-rev is to use my free passes as a Southwest spouse, but only if there are available seats, needless to say, I was sitting in a middle seat for 5 hours... but it was FREE!) Normally non-reving during the holidays is impossible.

Of course, coming back (on a full fare ticket) was actually harder as those big ol' storms were sweeping the midwest and we were about 2 hours late getting out. the best part was Brian picking me up from the airport at 11:00pm on the 27th, and me promptly returning him to the airport at 7:00am on the 28th. Ahh the life of an airline family :-)

The following week was amazing. There had been much discussion of going up to Tahoe for NYE, but instead we decided to stay local and spend the week at home. Instead of the completely sloth-like lounging that I was expecting from my husband, we actually had a pretty active week. There were multiple golfing opportunities, all of with our friends Greg and Stacy, and NYE was also spent at their house. A great time was had by all - even though we played Cranium until about 3:00am in the morning... ouch.This was not my doing, but I thought it was DAMN funny

So the New Year has begun. Hopefully the last one was good for everyone and their families and the best of luck to all in 2009!!!


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