Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just Another Day

So things have slowed down slightly since last week's diagnosis for Buddy. He's on prednisone, and doing ... ok... Things could definitely be better. I've managed to reign in my emotions about the whole thing, since on Saturday at our friend's Greg and Stacy's party, I burst into tears... must stop doing that. I think that Brian, my family and I are just resigned to the inevitable. Sucks... but, it is a fact of life. A stupid, awful, crappy fact of life, but still...

Brian took a few more days off last week to be with Buddy, which was great, and has really spoiled me rotten. It's nice to have my hubby home and have us co-habitate. However, it is nice to get back on the exercise bandwagon and stop having wine every night with dinner. I fear my waistline doesn't support alcohol every night... the detox is feeling great.

Brian will come home from El Centro tonight and then tomorrow is back to work with Southwest. He hasn't been with them for a while because of his military leave and the holidays, but back in the saddle he goes!! We have a stretch of lots of days apart (boo) but then a vacation in Lake Tahoe for his brother's birthday is in order... well, I say vacation, he gets like 2.5 weeks off and I get the weekend, but whatever :-P

All is well as we settle back into the un-harried ways of life after the holidays... Yay domesticity!!


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