Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A long weekend

Thank goodness for the start of the year, because we have Martin Luther King Jr's birthday (day off) and then in February, Presidents Day (day off). It's like, hey, we would like to welcome you back from 2 weeks of vacation with 3 day weekends galore!! Fabulous stuff, let me tell you.

So the weekend was great, nice and relaxing, even though I was hubby-free. It was a great time to spend with friends and family in the 80 degree SoCal weather!!!

Friday night my friend Nikki came down from the Central Valley and we snuck our way into Urban Solace, the absolute BEST restaurant in North Park. It was great to catch up, see pics of her little boy, and show her pics of the wedding...

Saturday was spent running errands and then out to dinner with our dear friends, Greg and Stacy. After much deliberation it has been decided that they are both going to head back to Newport, Rhode Island, while Greg attends War College. Brian and I are very very sad :-( We have spent a TON of time with them in the past few years and they were both part of our wedding (as we were of theirs) ... we will miss them terribly :-(... such a total bummer.

Sunday was spent chillaxing at home, at the mall and out to lunch with my girlfriend Annie. Another great locale for dining, Cafe Chloe was on our plate, in addition to the BEST fro-yo in town... just don't ask me the name because I can't remember... but it was one of those places that is all self serve and then they weigh it. DANGEROUS :-)

Monday was spa day with mom at Gaia, then the hubby came home (YAY). It's been nice to get back to the daily grind (although work was PAINFUL today) and we shall see what the next few months of marriage bring!!! Can't wait for all of our new adventures!

You will notice the new background from thecutestblogontheblock.com. Valentines' day is a big problem at our house as there have been a few less than stellar ones in our household, and then some FABULOUS ones. Brian is seriously lacking in consistency. We shall see what the 14th of February brings this time around... but the silly cutesy, lovie dovie background made me giggle.


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