Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cats Out of the Bag

So to those who may or may not know already, Brian and I are expecting our first child in September!!! We are SO excited about the prospect of a new member of the Fitting clan and everyone has been GREAT so far, with advice and well wishes. :-)

I am currently 3 months along, and feeling MUCH better than I did even a few weeks ago. The general crankiness, tiredness, and overall pregnancy mania has pretty much calmed down and now I'm just kind of staring at my ever-expanding tummy. Pretty crazy. Especially for someone who has spent their whole life stressing about their weight... wow, is THIS a change :-) bring on the hamburgers!!!

All of our check ups have been great so far and the picture above was from our last check-up at 12 weeks. Baby Fitting has already started sucking it's thumb (our kid is already an overachiever) and even moved around for us. Of course, I think it was more in protest as the ultrasound tech pushed on it... it was like... CUT IT OUT LADY!!!

Probably the most surreal thing for me was seeing it move around and react to the outside stimulus. I was like... omg, it MOVES... kind of like that scene from Frankenstein... IT'S ALIIIIIIIIIVE... Kind of like that, but definitely cuter :-D

I have told my office (just happened on Monday), since the dwindling clothes supply has been making my "work wardrobe" a little limited. I think they were starting to suspect when I came into the office with the big wraps, the huge shirts and the pants that were WAY too tight. Oh joy. This kid seems to be helping me achieve middle age spread early.

I have my next appointment next week, I swear I'm going every 2 weeks for something or another (work loves me) and we will go to the perinatal clinic for our big reveal in about 1.5 months. I can't WAIT to find out what we are having!! There has been much speculation based upon my weight gain, my morning sickness (of which there wasn't much, knock on wood) and any other weird wives tale that people can think of. I'm just excited to find out so we can decorate the nursery!!!

Brian is SO excited and we can't wait to meet Baby Fitting in September!!!

I'll definitely keep everyone posted as things progress :-) So check back here!!!

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laura said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! We are thrilled for you!!!!!!

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