Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Whine Time

Being Pregnant... so I'm not really trying to be that whiny... I'm just so tiiiiiired all the time... and uuuuuuuugh, nothing fits and I'm starting to get car sick... when I'M DRIIIIIIIIVING - *whine*

Ok, enough of that. Things are actually going great. Everyone has been really excited for us so far and work has been great and I'm feeling pretty good!
Except for those days when I'm not, and I just want to sleep and I feel barfy, and no one can tell that I'm pregnant and they all just think I'm getting chubby.


But yes... things are good. I promise to post some pics of the ever-expanding belly... but the ones I'm taking are awfully blurry... have to get some when the hubby gets home.

We have another doctor's appointment tomorrow, (woohoo!!) and then I will look at scheduling the next BIG APPOINTMENT... finding out what it is... I'm really excited to start planning the nursery and picking out stuff and yay!!! Coordinated bedding and cribs and cute small little outfits!!!!!


It's all a little daunting but luckily I still have 183 (give or take) days until this becomes a reality.
Like we are SO totally ready to be parents!!!

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laura said...

yahoo!!! soooo exciting!!! love to you and your lil' bean from carolina!

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