Thursday, March 26, 2009

14 Week Check Up

Went into the doc's office today for what had to be the fastest appointment ever. Sometimes I love going to the doctors. I got to sleep in and didn't even have to get poked or prodded.

The massive weight gain of 2009 has slooowed waaaay down. Thank god. At least now I'm noticing that there is a bona fide bump there instead of just a great big bedonkidonk. (<--- That's country for butt) I'm happy now that I can just focus on eating balanced and healthy meals with the occasional vat of ice cream thrown in for good measure and that I'm not going to be one of those horror stories of, "I gained 100 pounds with my pregnancy". Of course, my mother likes to point out that she only gained 15 pounds... to which I retaliate with the fact that she threw up for 9 months straight and gave birth to a 4.5 pound kid... hrmmmm. I'll take a nice chubby baby any day... thank you very much.

So everything looked great at the doctor's appointment today. The kid is still hanging out in the front and center and is really easy to find with the Doppler. The heartbeat is starting to sound kind of whooshy now, which is cool... and has slowed down a little bit, despite the huge cup of coffee I had before I went. I guess it only gives me the racing heartbeat.

All of the books say that Baby F is the size of a lemon and in the next month will get ENORMOUS - the size of a baked potato. The only reason I say that is because in one month, when Baby Fitting is the size of a baked potato... we will also know what Baby F is!! I scheduled the BIG REVEAL for April 23rd. A day that Brian will have off if I have to fly to wherever he is and drag his butt home... (I'm getting good at this airline wife thing)

So yes, one more month of waiting and then the shopping can begin!!!

On another fun note - we are headed up to San Fran this weekend. Should be awesome since I have Friday off and we are planning a trip to the Academy of Sciences and maybe the SF Zoo! Just when you thought I'd had enough of zoos. :-) So excited.

We're also going to celebrate the 60th birthday of Brian's godfather, BT Higgins. Should be a great time and the hubby is lucky that he has a designated driver... 6 more months of this and then I'm busting open that bottle of wine... :-D

Anyway - I will post pics from the weekend and of the belly when I get back!


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