Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Fun Weekend and Pictures

So it was another awesome weekend with the hubby. We had Friday off (Cesar Chavez day) and I flew in late Thursday night to meet up with him. Because of the glorious (ha) weather across the country, that meant I got in about 30 minutes late and he was 2 hours late on his flight from Chicago. So at about 12:30am a very tired Brian and Ashley headed up to the house in Fairfax.

Brian planned a great weekend. Friday we borrowed his 4.5 year old nephew Sean (practicing??? definitely) and took him to the San Fran Zoo!
Me and Sean.

The most fun part about going to the SF Zoo was that Brian's Uncle Joe is the Director of Education there and so we got a chance to go behind the scenes and play with some of the animals! Sean was especially excited with the snakes... I actually was too. They were really awesome! Brian? Not so much :-)

SF Garter Snake- Sean and I thought it was really cool

I really kind of LOOOOOOVE this picture.

The Boys

We met up with Brigit to drop Sean off that afternoon and then met up with our friend Michelle and a few others in downtown SF. Such an awesome city and the weather was AMAZING. The only drawback was parking in downtown SF, where I looked out the window to see an old man peeing. Like... RIGHT in front of me. Oh my. :-) Gotta love the city :-) Reminds me of riding the subway in NY.

Brian showing off the 'Fax

After a the ride home and a great dinner in Fairfax, it was time to head off to bed. After all, we're not spring chickens anymore and we had gone to bed at 1:30 the night before... (god to think of the days when that was so COMPLETELY normal for a Friday night).

Saturday was a little bit more of a lazy day... we had BT's 60th birthday party to go to in the afternoon so we kind of lazed about and enjoyed the GORGEOUS Fairfax weather. It was really fabulous and reminded me of being back at my grandparents farm.

That afternoon we headed up(over? east? uhh, I don't know the SF area at ALL) to Castro Valley. All I know is that it took an hour... :-) We eventually got there and it was wonderful to see BT, and all of the usual suspects. Everyone was really excited to hear about the baby and we got to play with Brigit and her youngest, Claire... more practicing (especially when she threw up on me :-D)

We got home from the party and I was beat... we went to bed early as Brian was sitting on reserve and we had to be at the airport at 7:00am.


That was until they called at 3:30am and told him they had changed his schedule. So up we got and headed to the airport. BRUTAL. But, it meant that I got home today at 9:00am and was prepared for a productive day. Except the fact that the weather sucked and it was cold and I was EXHAUSTED. So I have remained on the computer and the couch and taken naps and my long list of things to do has gone undone.


Ah well, another wonderful end to a great weekend and can't wait for Friday when Brian comes home again.

On a baby note, feeling great and have included pictures of my not so obvious baby bump. Most people don't even realize that I'm preggo!

Oooooh that will change :-)

Me and Kid at 14 Weeks. It feels bigger than it is.


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