Saturday, April 11, 2009

Clothes shopping

So my mom was the chair for the San Diego Crew Classic, so I really needed to get something cute to wear. At this point, I am kind of limited for clothes, especially cute clothes for an outside brunch.

But I didn't want to spend too much money on something that I had NO idea how long I was going to wear it! So off to Motherhood Maternity to see if I could find something cheap and cheerful to buy for the event. So I didn't end up getting anything, but I did manage to scare the CRAP out of myself with the "maternity pillow" that they let you try on. So this pillow is supposed to show what you will look like in 3 months.


So I KNOW that i will get bigger. And i KNOW that I will eventually be HUGE. But honestly... this was just scary. But kind of cute if the rest of me were to stay that small and my bump would get big :-) Ha.

I doubt that's going to happen.

So please enjoy the dressing room bump. Fake vs. real.

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laura said...

Invest in a quality pair of maternity jeans. I LIVED in my mommy-to-be Citizens until a good 4 months post-birth. Sure, I could fit in my pre-baby jeans after a few weeks, but those maternity jeans are just so damn comfortable! And, the maternity waistband allows you to bend down and pick up your child without flashing the world your thong. Hehehe! XOXO!

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