Monday, April 13, 2009

San Diego Crew Classic

So April 5th found us celebrating the San Diego Crew Classic - Brunch by the Bay. This is an annual collegiate and masters regatta that Mom and I have been on the committee for, for about 6 years now. Pretty crazy. :-)

So this year, Mom was the chairman of the brunch (exciting for her) and everything went REALLY well. I was a LOT less involved than I have been in years past, probably because I wasn't really in the mood to spend a whole weekend rolling napkins and doing seating charts, when I could be napping and working on cooking the Kid.

Sunday came around though and was another HIDEOUSLY UGLY day in Southern California. :-) Brian and i made no rush to get to the Brunch this year, which was nice, since previous years had me there at 6:00am getting check-in set up. Instead, we strolled in at about 9:30am, right as the brunch was opening. It was a gorgeous day, the food was great, and I even managed to snag a few pics with Shamu! Of course, no cute pics of the hubby and me, but hey, I managed to get a few of the USC Trojan band. (They are loud and it seems that everyone at this damn regatta is a USC fan. Ugh)

We even made the society column in the next weeks paper! So fun! Brian was less than thrilled about it, but hey... it was a fun day. Although I have to say, a day much better enjoyed with a few glasses of champagne... that I REALLY missed this year. Ah well... only 6 months to go!

I was also outfitted in a fantastic outfit, courtesy of Mom... thanks for the awesome maternity clothes Mom!!!


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