Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fore Noah Golf Tournament

So this past weekend found Brian and me in sunny Scottsdale for the
Fifth Annual
FORE NOAH Golf Tournament.

Noah Nelson is Brian's nephew and at 4 years old was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a solid-tumor cancer of the sympathetic nervous system. It is a very rare and very serious type of cancer that has a very low rate of survival for the children that are diagnosed. We are extremely lucky that 4 years later, Noah is growing like a normal 8 year old boy and his scans continue to come back clean.!!! His doctors are amazed at how well he is doing and as Andy and Lara, his parents, say, "No news is good news". Check out more about Neuroblastoma or make a gift!!!

This is Andy, Noah's dad, and the master of ceremonies for the day... He's awesome!Ms. Shelby , one of the cousins :-)

So the golf tourney raised a ton of money for Neuroblastoma research and we all had a great time!

It was pretty darn hot out, about 98, so I didn't end up staying too long... It really is amazing to me how these things affect me. I've always been a trooper, not really phased by a lot and pretty tough when it comes to everything... now I feel like a total weenie!!! I'm tired, I'm hot, I'm dizzy, I've got a headache... oy, a whole LIST of ailments... it's pretty frustrating and I am waiting for that second trimester excitement of feeling AWESOME. So far the second trimester? Not feeling so awesome.

Only two more days by the way until we find out what we are having. My friend Juliet just found out she is having a boy on Friday, so we can't WAIT to find out!!!

I'm starting to really get bigger as one of my co-workers came up to me today and was like... OH MY GOD what HAPPENED over the weekend???? I kind of exploded... :-)

Here are some more pics :-)
Me at 17 weeks.

Me at 17.5 weeks

Me at 18 weeks...
OH MY GOD, don't look at the double chin, it's actually just a really bad angle... promise :-)

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laura said...

2 days! 2 days! Well, by now it's 1 day! 1 day!

Corey, Annie and Caroline are coming to D-town this weekend! We're hosting Foxfield in Durham at our house! :)

Miss you!

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