Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's a....


We are excited to announce that we are having a BOY this September!!!

Brian and I went for our big reveal this morning and after about 30 minutes of being poked and prodded (with a full bladder nonetheless - GOD HELP ME) the tech told us in NO uncertain terms, that we are having a boy. And apparently he was QUITE the exhibitionist this morning too. :-) We're prepping him already to shed his clothes and streak the UVA Lawn... hehehehe

I have other pictures, but because I would rather not traumatize him when he's an adult, I will not show the UNDENIABLE proof that we are indeed having a boy. I will however post the rest of the barely distinguishable pics later once I get to my scanner. Some of them were like... that's his nose and lips? Really? It looks like... um... nothing I've ever seen before.

So everything looks healthy so far and we will get the rest of the u/s results when I talk to the doctor later on this afternoon. But he has all (and I mean ALL) of the appropriate parts and his little heart/brain/etc look fantastic!!

We went for a follow up with my doc right after the u/s and he said that I'm looking great, gaining the appropriate amount of weight and that my uterus is growing just right... (um, yay?)
We listened to the heart beat and Brian finally got to meet the doctor (who I really think looks like Sydney Pollack).

Full steam ahead to September!!!

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laura said...

dogs and snails and puppy dog tails! congrats on your baby boy-to-be!!

laura and syd

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