Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update - 19 weeks

Like, for real. 19 weeks? I'm almost halfway done cooking this little guy. NICE!!!

I'm currently in the awesome stage of pregnancy. I feel relatively great, I'm not too big, I have found cute clothes that make me feel kind of halfway decent looking instead of stuffed like a sausage into my clothes :-) Hoooray pregnancy!!!

And the coolest thing of all? I have started to feel him kick. It's really fun. Like sitting in a meeting with a goofy smile on my face fun. Like a conversation in my head that no one else can hear (ok, that might sound a little weird) but it's COOL :-)

Now that we know what it is, it's time to start registering.

OMG, you have GOT to be kidding me. I have armed myself with Baby Bargains, started looking on line at different reviews, blogs etc and I am already OVERWHELMED. There is a LOT of baby stuff out there. We do have a few things already. Namely the travel system that I came home to the other day.

So after a few days of discussing what we might want and the extensive research that I had already done... I came home to a HUGE box in the living room (topped by an almost equally large vase of flowers). Brian had spent hours in Babies-R-Us looking at strollers and talking to sales people and had determined that yes, my research had been right and he wanted to buy us our travel system :-). Super sweet of him and now at least the hospital will let us bring him home!! Now where we put him when he gets here is another challenge :-) I'm not going to think about it until later...

But yes, I love our Chicco Cortina - I love the color - which doesn't look as good in the pics but is a pretty dark brown color and so far, is easy to drop and store and the car seat is nice and light. Of course, let's see how it is with an actual baby in it, but whatever... One thing down, 80 million to go.

Other than that, our ultrasound came back nice and normal except for the fact that the little bugger wouldn't let the u/s tech get a look at his spine. So it's BACK to the docs in a few weeks for another u/s. Trust me I am NOT complaining :-) I love more pictures!!!

Here's to a healthy and happy little dude in September!!

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laura said...

ooh, lucky for you - more ultrasounds!!! i got in a few extras because syd was breeched. no complaining here!

love your stroller! the tray will be your godsend once baby boy is a toddler and wants to snack while mommy shops!!

glad to hear you are feeling well!
laura & syd

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