Sunday, May 3, 2009

Holy Mackeral

So things have been going great - I feel pretty darn good and while I'm not feeling him on a constant basis, I am feeling him once or twice a day. Hoping for it to be more soon!! (of course I say that and then I will lament the fact that he's kicking me CONSTANTLY).

I went shopping with mom this weekend and it was OBVIOUS that I'm starting to really show now. We were trying on clothes and when she said, "ummmm, ash? I think you need a medium" I was like.. what? no way!!! Until I looked in the mirror at the enormous (ok not SO enormous but it feels that way) belly that was sticking out from underneath the maternity shirt...

We also took our first trip to the Baby Gap Outlet where I almost DIED at the cuteness. We had to buy our first onesie that claims "Good Looks:Courtesy of Mom" :-) Brian just LOOOVED that. So to appease him I had to get another one that read "Charm: Courtesy of Dad". Mom also got him the CUTEST outfit ever and I see this becoming an issue. Forget shopping for myself when there are SO many damn cute baby clothes out there. HELP!!

So, anyway, here are some belly pics from 19.5 weeks along...

Enjoy :-)

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laura said...

i totally had the "good looks courtesy of mom" onesie for syd! love those!! you look great!!

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