Thursday, May 7, 2009

Halfway There!!!

20 weeks. Really? I am halfway there?

It really seems like eons ago when I saw those plus signs and surprised the HELL out of Brian. :-) (and myself for that matter)

But now its all moving really really fast and the fact that I now know that its a boy and can FEEL him move it just WAY TOO CRAZY. There will be a baby in our house. Like a REAL baby. MY BABY -

It's a little bit overwhelming.

But we are so excited to meet him. 20 more weeks of cooking to go!!!

I have started looking at crib bedding for his nursery (SO MUCH FUN) and think I have settled on thisOf course that doesn't mean we have a crib or anything else... I mean, WHATEVER. :-) (god help me I have so much to do) but he does have some DAMN cute outfits.

20 more weeks to figure out the nursery and everything else. It will be great and then we can welcome our little man!!

*note* Can you tell I've had too much coffee this morning? There's a lot of capital letters. Apologies. :-)

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laura said...

Preg-o Tip #452: Order your nursery furniture NOW! Every mom I know has had problems with nursery furniture and crazy long backorder waits for all different brands. You don't want to be getting furniture deliveries the week Baby me, no fun!! XOXO!

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