Monday, May 18, 2009

Just Another Week.

So yes, if I was getting graded on the frequency of which I post to my blog, I would FAIL. I just realized that I haven't written in at least a week and a half and this is a total travesty because I have SO much to tell you about and SO many pictures to post.

So... ummm. Right. Damnit.

So we did have a spectacular weekend of which I spent Saturday lying on the couch, freaking out because the normally very active monster in my belly was not moving. at. all. Combine that with what I would later be told was round ligament pain and I had many moments of tears and sadness and OMG, our little boy, there's something wrong!!! And as the doctor on call at Mary Birch told me, it wouldn't really matter if there was anything wrong because there wouldn't be anything they could do at 21 weeks.


So in the end, the pain went away, the soccer player resumed his determined kicking of my internal organs and we are all fine and dandy. I will however be going for a routine check up on Wednesday, so we can reconfirm that then.

And apparently the little monster LOVES HIM SOME BASEBALL. We went to the Padres game on Saturday night and it was like a party going on in the uterus... (which sounds kind of creepy and honestly felt even weirder) . I do have pics of how AWESOME and ADORABLE and fat and pregnant I look... I just haven't pulled them off my camera yet. It's on my to-do list for tonight.
This was during the 4th inning... they went to 16 before they won. We however, did not. Left at the end of the 9th.

(seriously though, one of our friends even said when I complained about feeling fat... "well, you just look pregnant fat so that's not so bad..." OUCH. Boys should learn to shut the hell up)

But the weekend progressed with a trip to see Xmen on Sunday, which I was afraid would damage my child's hearing from inside the womb it was that loud. And awesome. And full of GREAT fight scenes. And I loved it...

It was great though, two nights with the hubby, weekends that we actually both had off at the same time (shocking) and dates! Real actual dates, like grown ups have! And we even managed to get a crib and dresser for the nursery! So I'm feeling better that we might actually be ready when he shows up in September!!

So I continue the march towards September... with some of the stuff ready, other stuff not so ready but I figure we will get there eventually :-)

So here are the pictures that I promised...
So from the front? Not horrible...

From the side? OMG!!!

My hubby and the dog... SO cute together!


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