Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

So this was our first Memorial Day Weekend as a married couple!! I'm not sure if we were supposed to celebrate or something, but we decided to celebrate by putting together Baby F's nursery! This of course involved dismantling the very heavy trundle bed that was in the room, and then basically making the crib and dresser from scratch, with limited help from some pretty crappy directions. Thank goodness Brian is like a master builder :-)

So this trip that Brian has had all month, brings him home Friday for 20 hours but then I have to take him back to the airport at 6:00am on Saturday. Not a huge deal since a little person keeps jumping on my bladder around that time any way, but can still make for a VERY long saturday.
The great thing is though, that he then makes it home that afternoon by 4 for the rest of the weekend... the best trip ever!!

So this saturday was no different, dropping him off at the airport at 6:00am, then a walk with my girlfriend Annie... Which was fun, except for the fact that I had my very first Braxton hicks contraction... which was kind of weird... but not alarming. Just kind of tight and strange... The body is just practicing for the real thing in oh say, 17 weeks or so.

So after running a few errands and seeing mom dad and the monkey, I picked up Brian from the airport for a nice relaxing Saturday night at home. God we are SO much fun.

We were up bright and early on Sunday with one goal in mind. THE NURSERY. I had budgeted in a full day (or at least a few hours then resting) to take everything apart and then the next day to put all the other furniture back together. Instead, we had the room taken apart lickety split and we were starting on the crib.

Which was flipping SURREAL. We finished the crib (yay teamwork) and were like... OMG, does this mean that we have to put a BABY in there? (We still need to get a mattress because honestly, putting a baby in there right now might not be so comfortable for baby... kind of... wiry.) We knocked out the dresser as well (amazing feats of engineering... that thing was HARD to put together... a MILLION pieces... and pretty crappy directions) and then headed off with our chairs and food to the summer's first concert in the park!!!

Mom made some AMAZING pulled pork and we had some incredible west coast bbq. Of course, it's not as good as what we got in VA, but it's PRETTY damn close. I got NO pictures of Brian and I, but the place was packed... Here's an idea... It really means that summer has started and Brian and I will try to go most of the weekends this year...

The other great thing was all of the KIDS that were there. Amazing how you never notice it when you're used to sitting in the park, drinking. This time next year, the little man will be 9 months old and ready and raring for his first concert!!

So Monday, the day off, the GLORIOUS DAY WITHOUT WORK, pretty much went the same way as Sunday. Work work work, nest nest nest. I cleaned out closets, fell in LOVE with vacuum bag storage containers (which I think are holding all of my non-maternity clothes right now) and Brian kicked some serious BUTT by finishing up our cabinet system in the garage. We are SO damn organized now. I even washed the small amount of baby clothes that I have to put in the new dresser/changing table. :-) OMG... we might actually be ready for this kid!!
I am exhausted now (Tuesday) but the hard work of this weekend was TOTALLY worth it. We also kicked off our last day of the long weekend with a BBQ, just for Brian and I. I even made homemade ice-cream sandwiches... Just call me Martha Stewart.

It was a great weekend... and the furniture aspect of the nursery is now finished... kind of. I will hopefully fit a glider in there for those late night feedings and actually get some bedding but ALL in good time.

It was a wonderful weekend at home with the hubby. I took a few pics of the new belly. It's getting huge, but I would like to tell my pre-pregnancy jeans to KISS MY A** since I can STILL get into them. MUUUHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Me and my belly look HOT.

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Bryan Guido Hassin said...

SO hot! Yay, Concert in the Park!

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