Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Handy Man

So having a husband who is a total handy-man is the BEST thing ever.

Brian has a full wood shop in our garage (so that no cars can go in there, but whatever) and loves to build stuff. And by stuff I mean, desks, TV consoles, baby stuff, etc... we still have a pretty long laundry list.

So this weekend, after a while of talking about finishing it... he finally finished the desk that he has been working on. It is GORGEOUS and I'm so impressed that he built it.

Of course, he also repaired a hole in the wall and we had a new fixture installed in the guest bathroom. I think we are BOTH nesting in prep for the lil' man. :-)This will eventually be painted the color of the wall... We're getting there. For now a bed will cover it so whatever. :-)
This is what the desk area/space looked like before he got his hands on it... yuck.
Our new desk!! YAY!

Look at how GORGEOUS that wood is? LOVE IT.


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