Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blog, What Blog?

Oh yeah... hi there internet. I guess I have completely forgotten to write/call/text you. Sorry :-)

So things have been pretty mundane for the past few weeks, give or take some REALLY high points. Two weeks ago was baseball with work, which I have to say, ROCKED the house. There is nothing better than going to a day game, on a work day, and sitting in the commissioner's box... yeah, fully catered and TOTALLY AWESOME! I'm a HUGE baseball fan, so for me it was especially fun. Also, the box comes with 4 tickets to the Sony Club, which are the seats directly behind home plate. As in, here's home plate, here's a wall, here is your seat. Holy bejeesus. It rocked.

Other than that, last week was status quo, except for a few work events and Lara and the kids in town and a two day retreat on Thursday and Friday. Of course the MOST fun part of the week was my little jaunt to the ER.

Now let me be clear, I am fine... Baby F is fine... we are all fine. I do however, feel kind of like an ass.

So... after a long day of being at a work retreat, I had a Chancellor's dinner to take care of that evening. After setting everything up and getting ready for our extremely important guests, I started to feel a little iffy. Now I've had braxton hicks contractions already... I do know what they feel like. So when I started to get one, I thought, ok, no biggie, I'm tired, and I'll just drink some water and be fine. When it started to turn into a massive cramp that kind of radiated to my back and leg I started to get a little nervous but hey, I am a total novice at this whole pregnancy thing and I'm sure it was something totally normal.

Cut to - I'm driving down the highway, sobbing into the phone, talking to my mom, because HOLY HELL it really really really hurt. Once I arrived home, sobbing to my husband that it hurt... he was like... we need to go to the ER. Now let me be totally clear on this point... as someone who has spent a lot of time working in the ER... I HATE people that go there that are not having an emergency. Too many times have I picked someone up in the ambulance because their foot hurt. grrrrr. So yes, these are the experiences that have tainted my trips to the ER in the past... pain of DEATH people... that's when I go to the ER.

Of course, I have never been responsible for anyone but myself before so that rapidly changed when I thought there might be something wrong with Buddy (this is our nickname for him) and I. Nothing was going to get in the way of me and my healthy kid.

8:00pm - We Arrive

8:30pm - We get checked in and I go to triage. The best part of the whole triage was the response to my question of... Is Dr. Julie Marmon here? *Yes* (A side note... Julie Marmon is a friend of ours, the wife of one of Brian's friends from flight school and I ADORE HER... Awesome lady, great doc and just had an adorable little Gerber baby, Jake, about 6 months ago). So SWEET!!! I thought maybe we could turn the whole affair into a social visit :-)

10:00pm - FINALLY get back to where the docs are (not to point fingers at the ER staff, they were great and got SLAMMED as walked in the door. They were blaming us for bringing all of the crazies with us. )

2:00am - Home (UGH)

So long story short - once we got back there and Julie popped in to tell me that she was going to be my doc... she basically explained to me that my pain wasn't really anything other than nasty round ligament pain.

Oh. So it's just my body protesting to being stretched too much? Awesome. Can we go home now?

Nope? Damnit.

So off to Mary Birch (the woman's hospital where I am delivering that is attached the Sharp) to get monitored for about another hour. The highlight of that 12:00am jaunt across the parking lot was when they put the fetal monitor on my stomach and our little guy proceeded to try and kick it off. With a surprising amount of force. :-) I was fairly shocked at how strong he was and the nurses were like... whoa, looks like fetal movement is good. (try AMAZING)

So the long and short of it is... the whole pregnancy thing really has me totally unnerved. I mean, I feel a distinct lack of control of my body and where I have previously prided myself on knowing what is going on... with this? Nothing. No past experience to show me the way. And with every woman being different, there isn't much of a consensus on this stuff either.


So I suppose there might be a few more phone calls to the doctor, or maybe even another trip to the ER before it's all said and done, but honestly? As long as he and I come out fine after all this craziness, it's worth every damn trip and every stupid $100 co-pay :-)


Bryan Guido Hassin said...

I'm just glad that you, Buddy, and Brian are tall OK. And that the Astros whupped up on the Padres! :-D

laura said...

there's nothing like a trip to the ER to make pregnancy all the more enjoyable! remind me to tell you about my accidental needle prick in a public place at 17 weeks preggers kidding! enjoy your vacay!! xoxo!

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