Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Wedding in LA

So I really feel blessed to have some amazing friends... and honestly, so much of that was apparent last year when Brian and I got married, surrounded by those incredible friends. We were lucky enough to be able to do the same for our friends Casey and Seth, as they tied the knot June 20th. Now, this wedding was supposed to be last fall... but due to some unforeseen circumstances (involving a bike, hard concrete and a shattered arm) the wedding was postponed until June 2009.

Now nothing makes me happier to see Casey and Seth together. I've known Casey since college and spent many many days/nights/weekends hanging out with her when we all lived in LA. Seth makes her SO happy and it's amazing and wonderful to see them together... He's one of those perfect guy types... sensitive, smart, a musician... I mean honestly, it's almost disgusting :-)

So a few weekends ago, Brian and I drove up to celebrate with all of their family and friends and it couldn't have been better. She looked GORGEOUS, the venue was amazing (their neighbors backyard for the ceremony and her parents backyard for the reception) and everything was incredible.

We had a great time as well, even though my ever expanding belly was much exclaimed over by my friends from LA who hadn't seen me in a few years... not to mention the boobage.... Oh my goodness... I have to shamefully admit to helping it a little by wearing something a little low cut, but honestly I'm probably never going to have these humungous boobs again in my life (until I get preggo again) so I might as well take advantage of them right?

It was fun... even being the sober girl of the night was fun (did I really just say that?). Brian got a chance to meet some of my old friends from back in the day (shout out to our renegade table in the back, Jason, Steph, Palmer and Ophir) ad we got to celebrate with amazing food and dancing! However awkwardly a preggo lady dances :-)

But it was a blast, and we got some great pictures... enjoy!

Congrats to Seth and Casey!

The ceremony - we were standing so I had to shoot this over people's heads :-) Must have been the 4 inch wedges I had on that made it possible. Preggo lady, rocking the heels - alright!

Steph and Jason!

Brian, me and BOOOBS

Brian, me and BELLY

Seth and Casey -Too CUTE!


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