Friday, July 17, 2009

What is Work?

Oh yeah, that place that I go to every day for 8 hours. Ugh. So last week was a ROUGH work week that involved massive layoffs. It was really really ugly and people were really stressed out by the whole situation. So on top of the cuts, they decided that we needed to move offices so that all of my team, Health Sciences Development, was under one roof. Now, the office that we had up in La Jolla was pretty swank... and was right across from a huge mall and great eateries... but the commute was a KILLER for me. The place they have moved us into is pretty much a dump, but right across from the airport and 10 minutes from home. TEN MINUTES. It's like I died and went to heaven. It really was the BEST thing they could have done for me in my last 8 weeks before maternity leave.

But the office has been a little bit rough to adjust to because of it's overall ickiness... So I have done my best to spice it up a little bit, without spending any money since honestly, I'll be gone in 8 weeks and while I'm fully planning on coming back to work... eh, who knows, what with all of the paycuts we keep getting.

But seriously the teal door??? Wow, so hospital ish - I feel like with that door and the flourescent lighting I could be going into for a check-up...

Yup - that is wine on those chairs... having a job as an event planner can definitely come in handy on those stressful days...

OMG, that PINK board... I mean honestly, I almost DIED when I walked in and saw the pink... no not even pink, MAUVE bulletin boards up. I wanted to PUKE.

So we made a few cosmetic changes. Nothing too drastic but we're settling in with some creature comforts and some pictures and who knows, when i get back in January maybe I"ll go wild and paint it...

And look! The desk is already messy! Totally like the old office already. Ok, enough with that, it's Friday and I have a 10 minute commute to get to.


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