Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nesting - ugh

To quote my favorite blog-her out there... Oh MA GAWD... Nesting has hit FULL force in the Fitting household. And this isn't like, oh let me do some laundry or tidy up the kitchen kind of nesting... this is the HOLY HELL there will be a baby in our house in 10 weeks and we are NOOOOOOOOOT REAAAAAADDDDDY. Cue the hysterical tears.

Yeah, so last weekend I decided that I HATED the color of the nursery. Hate hate hate. So it had to be painted, IMMEDIATELY. Um, yeah, except that my parents have deserted me to go back east for two months and my husband was working and I was a HOT mess of tears, in an even hotter house with no AC. Oy. I wonder if the dog can paint?

So instead of completely freaking out, I made lists of things that my poor hubby had to do when he got home. Home from working 12 days straight of almost 12 hour days... the abuse is unreal. I decided that yes, I did indeed need to have the nursery painted, and I also needed to figure out what the hell I was going to do on the walls, since they are still ugly and bare. And yes people, I KNOW that the baby could care less about all of this, but sadly, when you are an event planner and used to planning the minutia of each event, you freak out about stuff like this.

I also think that the biggest stress to me was that in 10 weeks, we would have a baby that had no name. Now the naming of our little dude has been hard for the both of us and eventually the conversation had to be tabled a few weeks ago to avoid hurt feelings or worse. But apparently, that was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. Once Brian came home on Tuesday and I had finished crying because I was so damn nesting-stressed out, we had a reasonable discussion on the name and picked something in less than 10 minutes.

So we have a name. But not one that we are ready to disclose yet. But it was like a ray of light into my sad little stressed out brain, because the minute I walked into the nursery, I saw everything the way that it needed to be. The decor, the wall color (well I have a general idea), and everything else that we needed to get ready. It was actually kind of weird how it worked out.

The nicest part about the whole meltdown was that it really showed my poor husband that yes, we kind of need to get this stuff done because the baby will be here a LOT sooner that we think... So he has been awesome and supportive and wonderful and will be building and painting and anything else we think we need in the next few weeks until we have the room ready to rock and roll. The rest of the stuff, the buying and the decorating will fall to me and my amazing team of decorators/girlfriends.

I am actually calmer than I have been in a loooong time and honestly, I have my wonderful husband to thank for it. I so owe him...
Potential Wall Colors...
Me at 29.5 weeks

And again!! Just don't look at the laundry on the floor...


Bryan Guido Hassin said...

You settled on Guido as the name!!! I'm so honored!!!

laura said...

lookin' good!

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