Wednesday, August 19, 2009

34 Week checkup

So I went in for my 34 week check up last Thursday. Everything was pretty normal, pee in a cup (fun), blood pressure (still AWESOME), baby measurements (36 weeks)...

um, what? 36 weeks? As in 2 WEEKS AHEAD OF WHERE I AM? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN???

Apparentley it means a whole lot of nothing. Well, that's according to the many people I talked to on the internet, but still... whoa. Now Baby F has had a couple of growth spurts in this whole process... he was measuring 2 weeks ahead when I was in my 20's, but it all evened out a few weeks later. We're kind of reaching the point however that I'm running out of time for him to get back on track. So the question is, does this mean I'm going to have some sort of MONSTER child? Or am I going to deliver early? No clear answer on either front... so I'm just big.

Which is funny because yes, I do feel a bit large and ungainly these days, but I do NOT feel freakishly huge like people have been saying to me. I mean, ok, they are saying that I am ALL belly... and I appreciate that, but still... the dire predictions of MONSTER CHILD, TWINS, TRIPLETS... AAAAGH. I mean honestly people, haven't you learned by now that a pregnant lady does NOT want to be told that she looks like she is going to give birth right there and then...


So other than that, I am just really starting to FEEL it. Not sleeping very well and leg pains and hip pains and bitching and moaning and complaining... doing a LOT of that lately. Brian is thrilled. And not here most of the time so he doesn't really have to deal with it. Hrm. I wonder if that is on purpose...

But for most of the summer it's just been me and the dog, so we are still on our routine of a 30 minute walk every (or most every) night, snuggle time, dinner time, then BEDTIME... around 8:30/9:00 or so. It's been nice having the snuggle bunny around when I'm feeling lonely and honestly, she doesn't give off as much body heat as my hubby... so... sleeping has been ok. Except for when the 15 pound furball tries to push me off the Queen-sized bed. I mean HONESTLY people... she's like all stretched out and pushing me with her feet as we wrestle for the edge of the bed... and there is about 4 feet of bed on the other side of her but NOOOOO, she MUST be next to me. :-)

I love it.

Most of the time anyway.

So, the moral of the story is, when they tell you not to set the precedent early and let the new puppy sleep in the bed? 3 years later when you are fat, pregnant and need the room, you are going to regret it. :-)

34.5 weeks - the maternity tank no longer fits and I am rockin the trucker/beer gut look. Sweet.


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