Monday, August 24, 2009

36 Weeks Pregnant

Ooooh boy. I'm a month away. Yikes.

So I have to admit to being a) READY TO GO and b) scared to DEATH that there will be a baby in my house in a month. This past week and weekend were good, filled with preparing for 4 months off of work (which entails working my BUTT off until I leave on the 11th) and preparing for the delivery of my son... <---- OMG, my SON... AAAAAAAAAGH.

I ran errands, decorated the nursery (which isn't finished, but we are getting very close), washed more baby stuff, and just generally ran around like I was going to have something HUGE happen in a month... hrm.

So this post will actually be pretty short, but full of pictures... :-) Here's a look at the nursery - which still hasn't nothing on the walls, and I'm working on that... Don't judge me internet.

And some pictures of me... and how HUUUUUUGE I am at this point.

MY NEW GLIDER!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. It's so comfy... If any soon to be mom's are thinking about buying a glider I would HIGHLY recommend it. This one is a Dutalier and I had it special ordered with the fabric I wanted and the wood. It's WONDERFUL. It also has an ottoman and nursing stool that I ordered with it.


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