Friday, August 28, 2009

36 Week Check up

So I headed into the docs office for my 36 week check up yesterday. At this point, I will start going to see him every week (the last appt 2 weeks ago was kind of a ... eh... you're doing fine, see you in two weeks - kind of deal) but now I guess we are getting closer to the REAL DEAL. oooh boy.

So I was SURE that this kid hadn't dropped... I mean honestly - you should see me. He sticks out a good foot from my back and it's like... omg, carrying a bowling ball. So imagine my surprise when the doc was like... oh yeah, his head is engaged.

Oh engaged... like dropped? Wow. Um ok.

And then he proceeded to tell me that I was about 1.5 cm dilated already.

Hrm. Really? Wow. Ok.

I mean, I KNOW that I can walk around engaged and dilated at 1.5 cm for another few weeks. I KNOW that this doesn't mean I'm having a baby tomorrow. But seriously, it did kind of throw me for a loop. Especially since I'm still at work and the idea of walking around even a little dilated is kind of creepy. So yes. We are starting to dilate. WOOHOO.

AND the good news is that they messed with my due date and have actually put me at 9/21/2009... which puts me out of work a full week earlier because of the Labor Day (ha ha) holiday. So next Friday is my LAST DAY. I am truly alternating between elation and terror. 5 more days in the office. Whoa.

We also finally took out hospital tour last night, which in all fairness, we truly didn't need... Especially since I have already been to triage at the hospital (a few months ago) and we know where THAT is...

But it definitely hit home a little bit as I was the MOST PREGNANT ONE THERE. OMG. It was like, wait, that's me now and all the people that were MORE pregnant than me have BABIES. Omg, does this mean there will be a BABY here? zoinks.

I don't know who decided that I was mature enough to create life, but they are FUUUUUUNNY.

So yes, we are slowly marching our way to a day/night when I will lean over and gently whisper in Brian's ear that it is time to GO. Of course, with my luck, that gentle whispering will actually be a phone call to crew scheduling - telling them to get his ASS home from whatever city he is currently in because we are going to have a BABY and I am NOT doing this by myself. :-) God help them... they are not going to like that phone call.

To make matters even MORE interesting, San Diego is in the middle of a HORRIBLE heat wave. It will be about 95 at the BEACH today... which means that Brian and I have grabbed the dog and escaped to my parents house in Coronado. Another fun note if you didn't already know. Being hot and dehydrated can put you into labor. OH I DON"T THINK SO. I am NOT having my kid when it's 100 degrees in our house.

So I'm trying to stay in my air conditioned office and take it EASY this weekend... I figure, as long as I don't give birth next week, I should have a couple of days to get into crazy nesting phase again and tie up all of my loose ends. Hopefully.

Oh and an update on the toddler size child that I thought I was going to have. He decided that he loooved his mommy and is measuring right back on schedule again. THANK GOODNESS. So we are all measuring about 36 weeks!


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