Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back to School

So Brian came home on Friday (flew the jet home no less... SO HOT) and we went back to school for Childbirth Class! While I had to do a little arm twisting to get Brian to get on board with the classes, they actually went really well and I think that we both learned a ton.

Most of it was fantastic, learning about the actual birth, pain management, etc and it was awesome to have Brian there to learn to coach me with the breathing, stress release, etc. (and have them explain that I really am exhausted and not feeling hot... not just whining)... He was an awesome coach, good at the massage and only made me laugh once or twice trying to focus on the breathing... although today, while we were practicing our breathing I started laughing so hard that I started bawling... being pregnant is weird.

Two full days of class and I feel like we are READY. BRING IT ON... Sigh. Now I just have to hope and pray that he is a) in town when I go into labor, or b) that he is close enough to San Diego and I spend alot of time in the first phase of labor so he can fly home. Ugh... I'm trying not to stress out about it, but it is kind of hard. Not much I can do about it, but it's still kind of freaking me out.

It was mildly amusing during the classes though to see my big strong husband blanch at the sight of the docs putting the epidural in, or doing the C section... I mean, yes, I wasn't thrilled about watching it either, but it was still kind of funny to watch how uncomfortable he was :-D. Especially since all of that could potentially be happening to ME... instead of him.

Overall it was a great experience though and one that I would recommend to everyone. It really didn't make a difference what kind of birth experience we wanted, they taught everyone. I mean, of course, not without a little bit of propaganda about going drug free, but hey, I'm secure with my decision to get an epidural if I need one... and I am fully expecting to need one. I don't think I'm going to win any gold stars if I do it drug free. I just want a healthy little boy...

Now Brian is back up to Lemoore tomorrow for two weeks (it's better than him going to Key West for the Navy stuff) and then we'll really be in the home stretch!!! YAY!!!


laura said...

how did brian handle the circumsion video?! dan about died watching that one and we had a baby girl!!

bring it! bring it!! :)

Ashley said...

He was ok with it...I mean, he didn't really comment - he may have been crying a little on the inside though :-)

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