Wednesday, September 23, 2009

40 plus weeks but the end is in sight!

OMG - ok, I look back at the last post and think... oh you sad sad little creature. You have no IDEA that you would go almost a week later and STILL HAVE NO DAMN BABY.

This week actually was a little bit stressful as Brian had another trip to Buffalo on Monday. So I dropped him off Monday morning at 6:00am, looking, well, very very stressed out. In fact, I looked so stressed out by his 24 hour trip to the east coast, that he got out of the car, went into the airport, and promptly called skeds to tell them that he would get the plane to vegas, but he could not take it to buffalo. OMG, I love this man. Of course, because he decided to stay home with me and make sure he was available... there was no labor. But I felt SO MUCH BETTER. He was my HERO.

So we are still sitting here, waiting for any signs of labor. I have had very few contractions except for last week and I have been walking approximately 3-4 miles a day to try and get this kid moving. No such luck and we are heading into two days of massive heat wave here in SD. I am currently sitting in front of the computer (duh) which is directly in front of the window AC unit that we have... I may stay here until it's time for the next walk at oh, say, 5:00pm or so. :-)

So I had my 40 week doctors appointment yesterday (which Brian bravely attended) and the doctor once again said... well, conditions are favorable... thank you Mr. Magic 8Ball. I decided that this far along, "favorable" wasn't going to cut it. While I am not WILD about the thought of inducing, I also know that I don't want to have to go through the stress of having Brian on another trip (which he would start on Sunday). Luckily it wouldn't be a long trip, but I just want to know that he's going to be here... so unless I go into labor on my own (which would be AWESOME) I am scheduled for an induction on Saturday.

Now I'm not going to lie. I would MUCH rather go into labor here at home and have to go the hospital on my own, laboring as far as possible until the epidural, etc etc etc. But honestly - the thought of having my husband there at the labor and delivery supersedes any fears or discomfort I have at the idea of checking myself into the hospital and having an induction... "fast and furious" is what they say about inducing, but I need to remind myself... it doesn't matter because at the end of it will be my little guy...

WOOOHOOOO - I can't believe it. A baby by Saturday!!!

Yes, it's as uncomfortable as it looks.


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