Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day of Materntiy Leave

So today was my first day of maternity leave. It was INCREDIBLE. I slept in, I toodled around the house, met up with mom to go get last minute baby stuff and organizing stuff for the nursery... it was HEAVEN.

Of course, then we were walking through Banana Republic, a store that I LOVE, and that I have not even looked at for 9 months and that I won't ever go into again unless I go back to work in January (which I plan to do at this point) because it's so expensive... but whoa, I digress. Anyway, we're walking through the beautiful, well lit Banana Republic with the huge floor to ceiling mirrors and I see this...
AAAAAAAGH WHO IS THAT PERSON???? I look like a giant green apple with legs. OMG. I almost died. Of course, that is my mother in the background looking freaking adorable and put together... *sigh* I'm big and rather uncomfortable looking... and as one woman put it... whoa, you look like you could deliver at any minute...

From your lips to God's ears lady.


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