Sunday, October 25, 2009

One month old

Mr. Drew, you were one month old yesterday. It's been one month since our lives changed completely (for the better of course) and one month since I've had a decent nights sleep.

Oh lets be honest, I wasn't sleeping too well in the past few weeks of my pregnancy but it was NOTHING compared to this. Yikes.

But the funny thing is how quickly you adapt. My mommy super powers have kicked in and I am functioning on about 2 (give or take) hours at a time with about a 30-45 minute feeding in between. And I even have energy! And I'm even trying to clean up and do laundry and get stuff done! There will be a day that I hit a wall, and I foresee it coming soon, but for now, I'm surviving :-)

Drew, you are awesome. We've had some good days, some great days and some days when we would like to give you to the gypsies, but overall you're amazing. We've even learned what you need and how to give it to you (most of the time). For you, hands in the mouth does NOT mean you are hungry... it means you want to suck on something... and for a while, that was me.
While yes, the occasional comfort suck is fine, using Mama as a pacifier has stopped and you have started napping... thanks to the pacifier. Oh thank GOD for that little thing. It took us about 5 different types of pacifier, shoving each shape into your mouth at different intervals to see which one you would BLEH out of your mouth. Until one finally stuck... and you looked at us like, "oh, ok, that's cool" and promptly fell asleep.

OMG you took a NAP. And a new baby came to live at our house. :-)

You can stay awake and alert and not cry. You aren't overtired with HUGE bags under your eyes that made me SO sad every time I looked at them. We have succeeded at parenting for the moment and for that I am grateful!

I think that babies realize you need to have a few steps forward before throwing you a curveball in the form of a growth spurt, or a day of cluster feeding or just inconsolable crying... because otherwise, no one would EVER do this multiple times. Of course those steps forward also come in the form of a smile, which you have started to do more often and it MELTS MAMA'S HEART. Kiddo, you could rob a BANK right now and then smile and giggle like you have been doing and I would do anything for you.

So yes, things are progressing. And while it feels like AGES since I've posted last... it also feels like you've been at our house for 6 months already, so I think it's all relative.

Here are some pictures of you... looking DARN cute - If I do say so myself.

Post bath - looking adorable.

And righteously pissed off.

Looking like a little old man. My god his LEGS ARE CROSSED. So cute.

His legs are SO LONG. And his hands and feet are HUUUUGE. (notice the pacifier, the creator of peace and happiness in our house. I love that little piece of plastic - *sigh* )

His incredibly impressive display of head control... and adorableness.

Again - adorable.

OMG, he's just too much :-) LOVE YOU KIDDO.


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