Thursday, October 15, 2009

Three Weeks Old

Whoa - really? About this time three weeks ago I had 4 hours until our world changed completely.

Drew and I just spent 6 days without Brian because he had to go to Southwest training in Dallas. It was ROUGH on all of us. Brian was definitely missing his son and we were missing him.

My mom came to stay with us for the 6 days and it was HEAVENLY. Drew absolutely loves her already and she was incredible, babysitting while I ran errands and cleaning the house for me and dancing around with the baby getting him to calm down during the "witching hour" when I was about ready to pull out my hair... she was amazing. It really made me so happy to see how awesome they were together, since I was a little bit nervous how mom would take to being a Grandma. Or a BonBon as we call her :-) She's a natural!!!

My baby bear has definitely changed in the past week. He is SO much bigger and we are starting to get a handle on what he needs when he has his meltdowns... Also, I'm getting about 2.5 hours of sleep at a time, knock on wood, and he has finally started spending the night in the pack n play in our room. HUGE improvement from the many nights spent on me in the glider!! He is starting to look around and look at us and out the window and is becoming more fun to play with! Granted, that's for about 5 minutes at a time and then we need to either nap or eat, but hey - it's AWESOME to see all of the milestones!

I totally love love love being a mom. Drew and I napped together today and it was awesome to have Brian come in and say - whoa, you guys are definitely starting to get this mom thing DOWN... I was like... I do feel like I'm getting the hang of it.

*knocks on wood*

Of course I say this and he'll go into demon mode tonight and I'll recant it all... NEVERMIND - I KNOW NOTHING...

We also wanted to give a big shout out to our friend Laura over at the Land of Syd, who is expecting Baby #2!!! It's crazy that so many of my friends are either pregnant with their first, already have one or are on the the second. God when did we get so damn OLD! Scary to think I'll be 30 in less than a month. Whoa.

Trying not to think about it and just enjoying the days as they come. And enjoying the tummy time :-)


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