Sunday, November 22, 2009

8 Weeks Old

So I haven't had a whole lot to post about until this week when we went to Drew's 8 week well baby visit.

For those of you who has seen my little man, you know that he isn't well, so little. He is a BIG boy. So big in fact that my family and I have been taking bets on how much he was going to weigh at his 8 week appointment. The bets -

Brian - 12 pounds
Ashley - 10.5 pounds
Mom - 11 pounds
Dad - 11 pounds 4 oz (way to get overly specific dad)

The actual weight - 13 pounds 4 ounces... 


The doctor and all of the nurses were like... whoa, he's a BIG kid. And the funny thing is that he isn't even chubby. He's that heavy and also 24 inches. 2 FEET LONG. 90 percentile for both height and weight. So yes, my 8 week old is almost as big as some of his 4 month old friends.

Apparently I'm doing an AWESOME job feeding him :-)

The appointment was great, filled with questions about his funky feet and toes - apparently his toes are growing so fast that they are growing over the nails... they look pretty bizarre - and the cradle cap that he has... ew ew ew ew ew. Nuf said.

There were scarier questions about H1N1 - for which he is too little be vaccinated against and there aren't any shots to be had in the county of SD for me. Grrrr. Even scarier still that a 4 month old just died from H1N1 here at Children's Hospital.

Being a mom can be a little stressful.

Oh yeah, and the vaccinations - three shots for my little guy that had the both of us in tears. It's amazing how you feel EVERY painful experience like it's your own. And it makes it even worse that they are so little and don't understand that you are doing it for them, so they don't get sick and so that you can take care of them. All they know that is they are with their mommy and holy shit that HURTS.

Ugh - heartbreaking.

The shots though were extremely important since we were going on our first plane ride together to see Grandma Fitting up in Oakland... more on that experience later. (Spoiler alert - IT WAS AWESOME)

But yes, my little boy is 8 weeks old and SOOOOOO big. God I love him :-)


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