Thursday, November 26, 2009

Drew's First Plane Ride

So we did it.

The thing that some of my friends are TERRIFIED to do.

We took the kiddo on his first plane trip.

In honor of my mother's 30th (read: 60th) birthday, Brian donated our house in Tahoe for the week. They (mom, dad and their friend Chris) decided to drive up to Tahoe and bring everything they need and the dog (ooh boy). We decided to meet them up there. But first we headed to Brian's mom's house (Grandma) in Fairfax. Which involved flying to Oakland...

I have to admit that I was very very nervous. I kept thinking of all of those monsterous children that I've seen on the airplane that just SCREAM and who's parents look exhausted and unhappy and just plain SORRY that they have a screaming child on an airplane full of cranky passengers.

Oh god was I nervous.

And honestly, packing for an infant? Seriously? The little booger is only 13 pounds but holy CRAP you need a ton of stuff. I mean, I'm sure that I didn't need everything that I packed, but it was nice to have it in case I needed it.And the best part of it all was that since my parents were driving... their SUV brought all of the big stuff that we couldn't fly with. The fancy schmancy pack  n' play that plays nature sounds? Packed. The activity mat? Packed. The Bob? We actually brought that on the plane with us... which was perfect.

Anyway. You all don't need the gory details but survived... in fact, we not only survived, we ROCKED the plane. He was awesome!!!  He slept almost the whole time and the rest of the time was STOKED to look around and smile at people. Yay.

I'm sure he will never do this again.

We were also really lucky though because Brian was with us and in uniform. This meant that we got spoiled rotten by the ground crew and the flight attendants and even the pilots. Everyone was so nice to us! I'm just hoping that I wasn't too spoiled by everyone because I have to do it again by myself in a few weeks to go back east.

I have to pat Brian and myself on the back for this one... GO US!! We rock.

OK I look freaking exhausted... but hey. We made it to Oakland. 


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