Thursday, December 3, 2009

Me = Total Blogging Slacker

So it has been a busy few weeks here in our household, what with the traveling and the trip up to Tahoe to celebrate BonBon's birthday and Thanksgiving.

So a recap -

Mom's 30th birthday... again-
This was a big one for BonBon so Brian blocked off our house up in Tahoe so we could enjoy some quality family time. Her birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year, so we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Edgewood golf course at Lake Tahoe. This was interesting because that was where my cousin Len and Sam got married 5 years ago at the wedding where Brian and I met. Totally bizarre to go back there with my kiddo... But it was a wonderful dinner and Drew was AMAZING. He actually let me get all the way though dessert before waking up and demanding the boob. Phew.

Drew's First Thanksgiving -
Actually happened the day after Thanksgiving because Brian flew in from a trip that afternoon and BonBon had said there would be NO cooking a turkey on her birthday... but apparently the day after was fine...  weird right? But it was great and Drew enjoyed the turkey immensely. Well, I enjoyed the turkey immensely and I guess by the transitive property, so did the kid. (I'm such a TJ nerd... I just used the transitive property in a sentence... *snicker*)

Drew's First Snow-
So we enjoyed a random snowstorm up in Tahoe on our "Thanksgiving". Almost 6 inches of fresh powder that had us all VERY surprised. Luckily Cousin Heather and Brian managed to get into town before the storm hit.

Drew and Heather -
So my cousin Heather was able to join us for 'Thanksgiving", braving a snowstorm and the horrendous traffic to hang out with us! It was awesome!!! We are going to miss her when we fly back east, so it was nice for her to see her "nephew" for the first time. We have such a small family that my cousins are more like sisters to me... so we're not quite sure what Drew will call her. Cross that bridge when we get to it.

Overall, an amazing week and it was so nice to hole up in the Tahoe house and play games and drink wine and watch movies. Happy Birthday BonBon and we are thankful for our amazing family...


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