Monday, December 21, 2009

The Great East Coast Trip of 2009 - Part One

So the Great East Coast Trip of 2009 began with the longest flight we have tried so far. About 4.5 hours from San Diego to Baltimore. I was DEFINITELY nervous since this was going to involve multiple feedings and a CHANGING in the airplane bathroom.

God Help Us.

I was also nervous because it was going to be our first time going through security without Brian... and honestly, we have a TON of crap that goes along with this little booger.

However, because my hubby is FANTASTIC he decided to drive us to the airport at 5:00am and walk us through security (Thank goodness for crew badges). He stood in the looong painful line with us, (shocking for security at San Diego ;) ), and got us up to the gate... totally amazing! The only bummer about the whole thing was the fact that the weather was absolutely horrendous. Torrential downpours, wind, turbulence... fun fun fun. But eventually we were up up and away to BWI. The little kid did amazingly well... ate on the way up, slept, played, smiled at everyone... I mean my GOD kiddo, everyone was completely charmed by you. No screaming fits and we even managed a changing in the bathroom (which had a changing table that I found out later I was using wrong... but oh well, he survived and I only mashed his head a little bit into the wall).

The other potentially traumatic thing that we were going to encounter was renting a car. Now if you have ever rented a car at BWI, you know that none of the rental places are on property. Which means a shuttle. Which when you have a stroller, a HUGE suitcase, a car seat base, etc etc etc etc...


We were very lucky that they let us roll right up the handicap ramp on the shuttle, drag the BOB up the ramp and we were off and running to the rental car place. Long story short, we survived the renting of the car and because I was so nice, they upgraded up to this super-fly pimped ride... I felt very cool.

Once in the car, we headed off to my cousin Samantha's home where we spent a few days playing with her kids, enjoying family time and taking absolutely NO pictures. Damnit. It was amazing though and we had SUCH a good time with Cousin Jack and Cousin Kate, ages 3 and 1 respectively. They were in LOVE with Drew and he was so enthralled by other little people. It was awesome to see.

In the 3.5 days that we spent in NOVA, we saw a few friends (see pic below with Stacy) , sat in HORRENDOUS DC traffic, and even went to Little Gym! Every night was dinner with Len and Sam and the family and it was as calm and non stressful as it could be. Sam was AMAZING and it was so fun to watch her in her new (at least new to me) role as a stay at home mom.

She has some pictures that she took of the kids that I will steal and post on here, but next up - Part Two - Travelling South!!


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