Sunday, December 27, 2009

Headed Down South - Part 2

It's amazing how when you get back from a vacation, recounting all of the tales online starts to lose it's appeal...

SO - I will quickly regale you with stories of our trip, and then pictures and then the story of the trip after that and then I'm going to go take a nap. 

So after a wonderful few days in NOVA, we headed down to Richmond to see Annie and Juliet, and their kids. The kiddo was awesome in the car as usual and we raced down the 95 towards Annie's house and then after hanging out with her ADORABLE daughter Caroline and her crazy dog Luci, we headed over to Bill and Juliet's house for dinner and a sleepover.

Now Bill and Juliet used to live out here in San Diego and we got pregnant right about the same time. So of course I was DEVASTATED when they decided to move back east, since I was bummed to lose a great girlfriend and fellow preggo. So it was amazing to see their gorgeous home in Richmond (about 50 times larger than their house in La Jolla - property in San Diego is expensive???? NO WAY) and to meet their sweet buy Will - who is about 3 weeks older than Drew. The boys got a chance to play (well, they laid next to each other really well anyway) and we all got a chance to catch up over a fantastic dinner.

The next morning we were up and at'em, having breakfast, sending Annie off to an appointment and then we were saying goodbye and heading to my "Aunt" Sandy and "Uncle" Tom's house in Williamsburg.

It was a special day in the Fitting household that day, since it was the Army Navy game, so I dressed Drew up like the Navy baby that he is and took him to Tom and Sandy's Army-Navy party. Tom was class of 60, so it was especially fun and we always like to watch a Navy victory... even if the game did kind of suck.

We spent a wonderful and fairly quiet evening with them that night and then headed out in the pouring rain back up to Len and Sam's house in Alexandria. Talk about a quick hit! But we had to stop at Pierce's BBQ for some carryout for everyone's dinner. If you haven't been there... OMG, best BBQ ever.

Of course after all of that traveling, the kiddo was FRIED. We were supposed to visit with my old friend Adam on Monday, but after a morning of screaming and fussiness- we decided it was time to just lay low. We spent Monday just vegging out and Drew spent a lot of time napping... until I threw him into a car again and headed up to BWI where I was going to meet my parents and begin the great road trip up to Albany... We all survived, but barely.

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Namejko said...

I got a mention! There is NO WAY I'm letting you guys get out of it next time you are in town though. Additionally, based on your post, I would like to purchase a child as well. Can you ask Bill and Juliet where they purchased Will? "to meet their sweet buy Will" -- yes I'm the pain in the arse that corrects grammer and spelling on Blog posts :)

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