Sunday, December 27, 2009

Traveling up North Part 3 - THE FINALE

So I'm sure that you saw the posts from the road.

How the kiddo and I were crammed into the back of my parents rental car, like unruly children, with a million bags and a stroller and pack and play, etc etc etc. There was much yelling and cursing and a few meltdowns from my kid, but we otherwise survived.

We did however make it in one piece up to Hillsdale, NY so Drew could meet my grandparents.

It was such a special trip, because Poppy is going to be 90 years old in March and it was awesome to be able to show them their new grandson!!! Drew was an ANGEL. I was so nervous that he was going to be fussy after all of the schlepping around he had done, but instead, he braved the 8 degree temps and smiled his damn fool head off anytime he saw my Granny and Poppy. Oh - thank - god. It could have gone a LOT differently.

But instead my grandparents were smitten by the little booger and he has been invited back again. Provided he's not teething or walking the next time we see them :-) Ah well.

It was wonderful though to have 4 generations of family members at the farm and to see how excited my grandparents got every time Drew giggled at them. I definitely shed a few tears when we left and they were so sad to see him go. Hopefully we'll be headed back there for Poppy's 90th birthday in March (Same day as Brian's) and so we will all be together again.

Of course, none of this last leg of the trip would have been possible without my parents. They were amazing... especially when Drew caught his first cold and he and I were up all night before we left to go west. I don't think I would have survived.

It was an amazing trip and for those of you that we missed, I hope that we can see you all when we come back East next fall. All my love to my East Coast friends and Family - LOVE YOU GUYS

A side note - 
Big shout out to my wonderful husband... He was working during this whole trip and didn't see us for 2 straight weeks. He missed us so much in fact, that when we arrived in Las Vegas to connect to our San Diego flight, he was standing on the jetway, in uniform, waiting for us to get off the plane. He had flown to Vegas, gotten our flight changed to an earlier one and flew home with us. LOVE THIS MAN SO MUCH and it was amazing to see him after two weeks apart. 


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