Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Sickness - A Whining Story

 So the inevitable happened. After 3 weeks of traveling around the country on a bazillion airplanes, my kid caught his first cold.

It started the week before Christmas when we left to go home from Albany. He was actually pretty darn sick, with the snotty nose and cough, but no fever to be concerned about. It has now been 3 F****ING weeks of having either the sniffles or a cough and about 5 calls and 1 trip to the pediatricians office and he STILL has the cold.

I am at my wits end this weekend because he is so snuffly that he isn't sleeping. Which means Mama isn't sleeping. Which means Mama is a ZOMBIE.

Now this would normally be a minor inconvenience that I would remedy once he got better but here's the kicker... I go back to work on Monday.

So I will be headed back to work with a child who is waking up every 2 flipping hours... I'll be lucky if I don't crash my car on the way to work Monday morning. I'm certainly not going to be a productive employee... and Brian will be gone for most of the month of January...


Thank you internet for indulging me in my whining session... now I'm going to go sleep while he sleeps...

It's a good thing you're adorable kiddo :-)


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