Monday, December 14, 2009

Sleeping through the night

In honor of the new blogging app on my iPhone, I just wanted to update the world that my child slept 8 hours in a row... No interruptions... Holy bejeesus.

The sad part is though that the more sleep I get, the more exhausted I am all the time. WTF?

Drew is doing amazingly well with this east coast trip obviously... I will have tons of pictures to show you all once I get back to San diego...

Next leg of the trip takes us from the dc area to upstate New York, in a car... For 6 hours with my parents.

tried to explain to my parents that this was going to be a bad idea with the baby, but no one believes me. I mean, I'm only his mother!

I will keep you posted on whether or not they choose to drop us at the nearest airport :).

Quick shout out to my friend Annie, who got us this adorable outfit, size 6 months... Yup, my 11 week old moose is growing out of his 6 month stuff. Help, he's Godzilla :).

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