Friday, January 22, 2010

Mommy Jewelry

So I really wanted to find something special to wear to celebrate me being a Mommy.

Now I'm not talking about a push present, with crazy diamonds and bling (I already have that in the form of my wedding ring thankyouverymuch). But I did want something small and unique to wear that would make me think of Drew when I saw it.

So I went onto my FAVORITE site, and I asked my mommy friends and I did a ton of research, but nothing really jumped out at me. The silver disks with his name and birth date were cute, but eh, not really me. I wanted something a little bit more unique, something that people wouldn't necessarily recognize just by seeing it.

And I found it in the most unlikely of places... at work. A co-worker/friend of mine was wearing this really unique, interesting necklace that looked like a collection of holes drilled into a pretty little silver rectangle, even including a diamond in one of them. I looked closer and closer and then sat back surprised... is that a constellation?

Yup - it turns out that it was her zodiac sign.

So I was very lucky to be able to order right from the designer (because my friend is a ROCKSTAR) and now wear my son's zodiac constellation sign around my neck.

A little bling, but a WHOLE lot of meaning.

(Please excuse the horrendous quality of the picture, I obviously took it with my phone :-) )

Also, thanks to Jeweliany for the beautiful necklace... You can go to to see more of her gorgeous work!!!

Here are all of the zodiac constellations that she makes...


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