Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Weather

Apparently doesn't exist in Southern California as it is 75 degrees outside and the kiddo is in a short sleeve onesie for the first time in a LONG time. I have all of the doors open and even though I should be cleaning the house after our trip up north this weekend, I'm just luxuriating in the breeze coming through the open doors and windows. As Brian would say, San Diego doesn't suck.

I'm also enjoying the sunshine on the new fence that Brian built (FROM SCRATCH - no prefab here!) last week. We haven't painted it yet, but its so damn gorgeous that I can't help but snap a few pictures of it. Will you also please notice the gorgeous azaleas that are currently THRIVING in my yard. They obviously haven't heard that I live here (shhhh don't tell them) because nothing grows in yards that I plant. Of course, now that we have a sprinkler system that doesn't rely on me to remember to water them things are growing much better than they used to.

So enjoy the weather if you are living in Socal... and if you're not and it's cold and snowing? Uh... Sorry???


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