Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend

So now that I'm not working anymore, it makes it MUCH easier to see Brian. This weekend, because he had a layover in Burbank, only 2ish hours away, we decided to head up to LA to see him.

I was feeling great about the trip - was going to swing by and see a friend and then head over to the hotel to meet up with Brian once he finished his trip for the night. We left a little bit late, but I figured, eh, we'll be fine... I mean how long could it really take?


Wow, I obviously haven't lived in the LA area for a LONG time. We took the 5 up and somewhere around Disneyland traffic SLOOWED WAY DOWN. Crap. I was checking the clock, because I had told a friend we would meet her at 12:30. Yeah, 3.5 hours of traffic later, we rolled into her house at 2:00pm. OMG. Also, I had factored in a two hour nap for the kiddo, which he took... and then screamed for 45 straight minutes while we sat in traffic. I was pleading with him, promising him that Mommy was sorry, that we would be out of the car soon, that we were ALMOST there... PLEASESTOPCRYINGICAN'THELPYOURIGHTNOWOMG. It was tense to say the least. I actually rolled up to my friend's house shaking. And apologizing profusely to both her and my kid. Of course Drew, being the consummate gentleman, took one look at her, stopped crying and started flirting... nice job kiddo.

Once we made it up to LA without me going completely nuts, we had a great time! A quick visit and then over to see Brian in Burbank, which I found surprisingly pleasant. I hadn't spent ANY time in Burbank when I lived in LA and it was actually pretty cool. We were staying downtown and brought food back to the room and had a great little picnic with the kiddo. It was awesome.

Brian left the next morning, after breakfast in the room, and we headed back to SD - this time without the horrendous traffic... a perfect valentine's day morning with my two boys.


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