Sunday, March 28, 2010

6 months

So I'm a little bit late with this post Drew, so you'll have to forgive Mama.

You are 6 months old now. And you are SUCH a little boy. I can't believe that you are halfway to a year and that the little squawky peanut (ok, maybe not so much a peanut) I brought home from the hospital is such a BIG BOY.

You are TOTALLY sitting up now and have added rolling over constantly to your repertoire of fun things to do. Of course, this does mean that you are rolling whenever I put you down anywhere...

Yeah. That's a new one.

I put you on your blanket the other day to help Bon Bon unload her car. I was gone for 2 minutes and you were on one end of the blanket. I get back into the house and you are on the hardwood floor on the OTHER end of the blanket.

Whoops. Parenting FAIL. I guess you are no longer a potted plant.

You are creeping now; desperately reaching for that toy that is just out of your reach... You are also trying to get up on your knees. I can only look on in horror. Don't creep! Don't crawl! STOP GROWING UP SO FAST!!! Mama isn't sure she is ready for a mobile child. I had to babysit one last week and it almost killed me. :-)

With the rolling, comes the sleeping on your tummy. It scared me at first, but then I had to laugh, watching you sleep on your face. You definitely had a little "rack burn" as Daddy would call it the other day. You are always in some completely different position when I come to get you in the morning and it just amazes me. Finally out of the swaddle and sleeping with no help from Mama! You're even starting to sleep through the night (occasionally) so I feel so SPOILED. (Of course now that I have said that you will stop.)

You have the most bizarre laugh these days. Instead of pushing air out to laugh, you suck it in, in kind of a HAR HAR HAR. I'm not going to lie kiddo, it creeps me out.

And we hear that laugh a lot. You think that BonBon and Maddy the dog are THE most hysterical things ever. Maddy can run right by/around/over you and you just DIE laughing... Maddy however, does not find you quite so amusing. For not only have you usurped her place in my parents' household, but now you are starting to grab at her. And pull her fur. And pat the puppy, REALLY HARD. (We are teaching you to be gentle. but it's a learning process) And even though she is a sweetie and wouldn't really do anything about it, she is definitely eyeing you warily these days. And the shrieking (high pitched screams of delight/insanity??)... is really starting to freak her out.

You can stand up now when someone is holding on to you and you have started reaching for Mama. It is the cutest thing EVER. I know that these times when you actually want me to hold and snuggle you will be fleeting, so I'm really enjoying every minute.

Ooooh Drew, do you love your Daddy too. He's still speaking French to you (although we really need to brush up on it since we repeat the same things over and over). When he says "Bonjour Boogie" you start giggling immediately, whether or not he's there, on the phone, or on skype. You guys also like to take walks and sit outside in the yard. Definitely an outdoor kid.

I'm starting to notice a personality with you kiddo. You can be fun and wild, but at the same time you tend to take it all in first. You don't yell and scream around the other kids at playgroup, but instead just watch, and once you are comfortable with everything is when your personality really shines.

You still love to meet people, but I notice that the smiles don't come as frequently and definitely not for everyone. Although, you certainly still LOVE the ladies... my goodness what a FLIRT you are. But you really look at people, reading them, and then after a little bit, then the big old cheshire cat (if you had any teeth) grin comes out.

I love watching you grow up bud. I love watching you learn things and giggle and laugh and play and I can't believe how fast it is going. This has been an AMAZING 6 months and I'm so excited to see what's in store for us next month!!! I love you baby.



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