Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Move

So I know that I have kind of hinted at this "big move" that will be taking place at some point this year. The reality of it is this... Brian is based in Oakland and we want him home more. Since it does not appear that Southwest will be putting a domicile in San Diego anytime soon, we decided to move up to the Bay Area to be closer to base.

This has been one of those decisions that is SO hard for me to make, because my parents live here in San Diego, I'm an only child, have their only grandchild, etc etc etc. It's one of those things where I want to spend more time with my husband and baby as a family but I'm sad to leave my parents after what has been a very difficult few years... what with Dad's Parkinsons and Mom's Cancer. But I know that we aren't going to be that far away, we fly for free and it's going to be a great move for our family.

If we could only manage to get a G**D*MN house. We are now 0 for 2 with our offers. It does get very very frustrating... especially for people like Brian and me. We are not patient people at all. We put offers in and then immediately mentally move into the house. This last one we REALLY thought we were going to get, but as of a few hours ago, I found out that it wasn't going to happen. *sigh*

I have mentally gotten myself out of San Diego. I have prepared myself for the move and leaving my family and friends and city... I am READY.

So let's get a flipping house already!!! ARGH.

I know that it will happen when it is the "right" house... but seriously, where the hell is it?

But for now, we are just going to keep on waiting and keep on enjoying our time here in San Diego. And the weather... 80 degrees today :-) As Brian says - San Diego doesn't suck and we will just have to endure the pain for a few months more *grin*


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