Monday, April 5, 2010

A Rockin' and Rollin' Easter

Since we were all alone for Easter (not to make my family feel bad or anything) we were invited to join some family friends, their kids and grandkids.

It was actually a WONDERFUL time, with great food and adorable kids. Drew was especially taken with Ethan, one of the twins. They were total besties by the time we left.

Of course what Easter celebration would be complete without a 7.2 magnitude earthquake??

Yes, it was big. But because it was about 130 miles away, there was no damage and everything just swayed for a while. A long while. I was sitting on the couch talking and was like... is the couch moving? It was crazy! But we are all ok and enjoyed our rocking Easter celebrations!

Drew thought Ethan was the COOLEST!

Hope Everyone Had an Awesome Easter! 


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