Sunday, April 4, 2010

Crew Classic 2010

So once again, it was time for the annual San Diego Crew Classic. And once again my mother had decided to chair the event. And once again it came down to the eleventh hour for reservations and seating and lists and spreadsheets. And since mom is computer illiterate (I love you Mom but seriously, it's painful) guess who got to do it? Now honestly, I was fine with it. I do the same thing every year and this year it was easier because I didn't have a full time job to worry about and I wasn't even on the committee... but still, ugh.

But the morning of the event rolled around and it was GORGEOUS. The weather man was predicting low 80's on the water (at the end of March people... east coast, be JEALOUS). A perfect day for a Brunch on the Bay.

And of course I had the CUTEST accessory.

He was a rockstar. He looked cute, he took a nap at the event in his stroller (first time sleeping in the Bob),

smiled at everyone, helped with check-in

and only had one meltdown... and that was because someone's pin stabbed him...

seconds before the infamous pin incident

All in all, a successful event and Mom survived, didn't try to kill anyone and managed to have a great time. She has however vowed to never chair the event again (being this was her second year) and Dad agrees wholeheartedly.

Mama got a pretty new dress! 

Bon Bon and Pop Pop playing with Drew

Drew, charming the ladies as usual

Me and Shamu, last year when I was 4 months pregnant

Shamu this year! 


laura said...

look at that little hat, omg!


be careful standing next to those killer whales!

K and As Mom said...

I gotta say, that is one handsome little boy you've got there. And I don't just say that to anyone ;). I'm smitten and I'm 3000 miles away. :-P

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