Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Falling by the Wayside

Yeah so guess what you don't do when you are in the middle of moving?


It has been insanity... what with Brian driving a Uhaul full of garage stuff up to Petaluma on Thursday, not even knowing if we were closing on the house. Unfortunately, we didn't close that afternoon (too many annoying things to even get into) but got the keys on Friday. That meant that Drew and I packed up our little bags and flew up to meet Brian around 4:00pm and check out our house for the very first time!!!

Needless to say, it needs some work. It was a foreclosure, so the previous owners kind of trashed the kitchen and had painted every room some shade of purple. So we need paint, carpet, appliances, and countertops...

Thank to Empire Today Carpets, and awesome awesome awesome Willie Means, we got our carpet about 12 hours after we met him Friday night. They really DO mean it when they say next day installation!! Crazy! So thecarpet was installed and Brian and I spent Saturday schlepping Drew around, to look at paint colors and appliances. Poor kid was exhausted by the time we actually made it home on Mother's Day.

Oh yeah - so my first Mother's Day.

It was pretty awesome, flying home that morning, having cofee with my hottie pilot husband at the airport, until he had to go to his flight (to fly it) and we had to go to ours. Then we headed to BonBon's house and then to the farmer's market to get ingredients for the dinner that I was going to make for her and our friends. Of course, that turned into a whole other debacle (LIKE A MENU THAT WAS WAY TOO INVOLVED, thank you very much you crazy martha stewart type A mother) but it ended up as a great night, sitting around the table with our friends and just enjoying the crazy conversations and wine.

Drew has been a trooper. Especially since Mama hasn't really been playing much with him and instead has been handing him off to the BonBon while she looks for smokin deals on appliances and countertops. He's enjoying the time with her though and we will resume playgroup insanity come tomorrow morning.

I am gearing up for the madness. I know that it's going to be insane and it's actually nice becuase it kind of takes my mind off of the fact that we are leaving my hometown and my family. *sigh* But I'm excited. Our neighbors seem very cool and our neighborhood seems AWESOME. I wasn't there 5 minutes before our across the street neighbor started talking about wine nights... ALL RIGHT! My kind of place!

So yes, I'm excited, but I'm exhausted and the process has barely started yet.

Also, anyone want to buy a house in San Diego?


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