Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So I took pictures to document all of the work we actually have to do. Don't get me wrong, I love our new house but it definitely was not move in ready :) but I am prepared and ready to work hard to make our first home!!!

The front! What you can't see is the fact that it could use a good powerwash... Also who knew that pigeons were a problem in the country? I honestly thought they only lived in the city!

Our long driveway. And the weeds that come with it. That is definitely Brians territory... I don't do yardwork since I have a black thumb. I kill everything!
Although maybe that's a good thing with weeds?

Paint paint paint. I mean, who paints the whole house purple!!!???

This is definitely a before shot of the kitchen. I am currently working on appliances, countertops, redoing the cabinets and of course... Paint. I'm super excited to get a chance to make my own space!

Our huge awesome yard. It's a quarter acre and full of possibilty. Again though, this is all brians domain... Unless he wants me to kill it :)

Roses. There are tons of roses and hydrangeas on the property which is amazing!

All in all, it's a lot to do, but a job that I am so excited to undertake. It will be amazing, creating and decorating our first home together! Thank god though for my mothers excellent decorating skills, since I need ideas and have a very very tight budget.

Let the fun begin!

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laura said...

congrats on the new house! happy almost moving day!

oh, and don't you remember - the original owners of annie's house had the entire inside painted purple. they even stenciled purple grapes in the kitchen and had lavender ceilings. i mean, seriously, people!

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