Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10 months old

At ten months you are a total ham. Happy, funny, cute, cuddly, independent and a MANIAC!!!

You are a ladies man and for that I am screwed. You like other babies, think girl babies are cute, but hold a fierce LOVE for women over 20... an Ashton Kutcher in the making? Awesome. I can't wait until you bring home your prom date and she's about 15 years older than you are...

You are developing an amazing relationship with your daddy which I love and have started asserting your independence from Mama. That, I'm not going to lie, hurts just a little bit... but I know that it's a standard part of growing up.

You crawl everywhere. And you climb - god help me- onto anything you can. You learned to grab your stool (which used to be mine when I was growing up) and crawl on top of it like an elephant, two arms, then one leg at a time until you are perched on it and reaching for all of the things you shouldn't be.


You are slowing down in the growth department. 21 pounds and 29 inches, which I know seems huge, but apparently is only 70 percentile. Considering you have spent the past 10 months at 90 percentile or above, it's a change for us, but apparently one that isn't really a big deal. You are burning so many calories crawling and climbing and racing around that we can barely keep the food in you. It also doesn't help that we went through almost 3 weeks of Body Explosion 2010. So I'm sure we'll get you nice and chubby again soon.

We have had a lot of sick baby visits this past month kiddo. You came down with a pretty horrendous respiratory infection - mom's first all nighter with you in a LONG time - that took you about 4 days to really kick down. Antibiotics, tylenol, humidifiers; it took the whole nine yards to get you back up to speed. The funny thing was, that no matter how crappy you felt, you were still smiling like a crazy man when you woke up in the morning... you are one happy kid.

You are getting so grown up these days. Talking up a storm and I'm even starting to understand you a little bit!! "More", "Mama" and "Daddy" seem to be the big ones these days, but still you are just babbling all the time. Such a big boy!

Your friend Griffin turned one last weekend, a fact that boggles my mind. One year ago, I was still pregnant with you and SO jealous that Miss Heather already had her baby. I was also extremely bitter that I was still working while she got be at home... but that's another story. I can't believe that you guys are growing up so FAST!

We were supposed to head down to SD to celebrate with him but sadly, Mama had a VICIOUS viral infection that knocked her on her butt for about 3 days. (seems to be the status quo up here, jeez) So no trip down to SD, but we will go visit Miss Heather and the G-man soon to celebrate.

We are having a great time up here making friends... I definitely notice how much you love to be around other kids... and how social you have become now that you can move around. Of course, you do embarrass Mama, by making a beeline for anyone in the vicinity with food. You love to crawl up into someone's lap (generally our friends Janice and Liam) to steal their puffs, or grab at their yogurt bits. *sigh* I swear I feed you kid. A LOT.

You love your cousins and we have had a lot of chances to hang out with them lately, since they have been here in the area for almost 3 weeks now. There has been lots of Cousin and Grandma time lately, and you have really come into your own with the big kids...

So I know this wasn't the most eloquent of posts (Mama is still just barely in the land of the living) but you continue to be a love and as we march towards your first birthday, Daddy and I are so STOKED at what an amazing little boy you are. Rock On Kid.
Playing with Daddy 

Holding Court with the Cousins 

First Trip to Lagunitas Brew Co! 

Getting into Trouble!!!

Ten Months Old! 

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spillingmilk said...

He's so handsome! Keep him away from my daughters. :)

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