Thursday, July 22, 2010

Woman of the Cloth

So now that the intestinal situation has remedied itself (THANK GOODNESS), the Kid and I are back on the cloth/hybrid diapering bandwagon. And honestly - I LOVE IT. 

It always amazes me how much support there is out there on the internet for any decisions that you are making for your kid, but cloth diapering has really SHOCKED me. There are yahoo groups, there are support websites, not to mention a million and one places to buy cloth diapering supplies. So because I'm a freak of nature who has to spend hours and hours researching and asking questions and just being a PITA to anyone I know who has an opinion on something, I generally come away with a pretty broad knowledge of the subject at hand. 

Now obviously, cloth or hybrid diapering isn't for everyone. If you have a problem with a poopy diaper then maybe it's not for you. For me, after two weeks of Body Explosion 2010, I could care less about poop. I've seen it ALL. And cloth diapering is a cool system. And it's fascinating to sit back and realize just how many disposables you throw away in the course of a day/week/month. 

But the cost can be a factor. And for some people, who has time to do the laundry? 

With that in mind, we have settled with the GDiapers, which for us is a great compromise. Flushable inserts for out and about, and cloth inserts for at home use. It's nice, it's streamlined, the hubby can handle it (however reluctant he is) and LOOK AT HOW STINKIN' CUTE THEY ARE!!! And herein lies the problem... I keep having to stop myself from bankrupting us with cloth diapering supplies.. because those damn g-pants are SO FLIPPING CUTE... and I must have one in EVERY COLOR. One for every day of the week? Socks to match the g-pants??? THE MADNESS!!!

But once I realized that the child will not be wearing these to college, I decided to stop spending his trust fund on cloth diapering paraphernalia. Instead I got creative and started researching, finding great places online that will help you cloth diaper without breaking the bank. 

One of those, The Nappy Shoppe, has great diapering supplies, inserts that are SUPER absorbent and even what they call G-Scraps - leftover pieces of the expensive Bamboo fabric they use for cloth diaper inserts that you can use for that added bit of absorbency (my kid?? SUPER PEE-ER... It's actually kind of ridiculous). And they are SUPER CHEAP. (I believe it's $.99 for each scrap.) Who sells stuff for a dollar these days???? 

Ebay has also been a huge help. Obviously it's not really a new find but you can find a TON of stuff on there... and a TON of cloth diapering supplies. I'm on there quite a bit (probably when I should be blogging :-)) looking for deals. Don't be afraid people... Ebay has GREAT stuff. 

I think that's the biggest thing with people who are looking to cloth diaper. Do your research. Join a yahoo group. Email GDiapers or Fuzzibuns or BumGenius or whoever you want to use and ask them questions. People LOVE to talk about things that they feel passionately about and trust me, people are PASSIONATE about cloth diapers. They want to convert you! 

Or check the blogosphere! Mom's LOVE to talk about their experiences with things. (I mean, I found a blog yesterday by a woman who talks about her IUD! And nothing else... kinda weird... but helpful to someone I'm sure!) 

Anyway I digress. 

At the end of the day, cloth diapering is not for everyone... but do your homework and find out if it's for you - you might even like it!!! 


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